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More about the genus

Eucomis is a southern African genus which belongs to the the Hyacinthaceae family. Plants are commonly known as Pineapple lilies as the inflorescence resembles a pineapple. Some of the species have an unpleasant scent. The genus has some eleven species which are distributed through out South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Malawi. Eucomis plants grow in grasslands and swamps or on river banks and are usually not found in drier areas. With the exception E. regia,, which comes from the Cape region, and winter rainfall area, most of the species are found in the summer rainfall areas of South Africa.

All species are perennial bulbs and the species with larger inflorescences make excellent cut flowers with long lasting capabilities. The shorter species are attractive pot plants. Eucomis is currently a popular research item and new selections or cultivars are released regularly.

Some of the species, like E. zambesiaca and E. bicolor are produced by seeds. However, to ensure that hybrids or specific selections are true to type they are produced via vegetative means, eg. Tissue culture and cuttings. As with any vegetative propagated crop, the control of disease and virus infections during production is of utmost importance. Preijde Bloembollen (Please see links for contact details) and Afriflowers have developed production systems to ensure the production of Eucomis bulbs of highest quality.

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E. Autominalis, E. comosa Cornwood, E. comosa Burgundy, E. comosa Pink Gin, E. comosa Joy`s purple, E. Bicolor, E. van der Merwii, E. Zambesiaca


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